quinta-feira, setembro 22, 2011


Era capaz de trocar todos, incluíndo este, ou até este, por isto.

Medley: Je n'En Connais Pas La Fin / Hymne a l'amour (live from the Bataclan) Jeff Buckley
(R. Asso/M. Monnot/E.Piaf)
Both the songs were originally performed by Edith Piaf

I used to know a little square
So long ago, when I was small
All summer long it had a fair
Wonderful fair with swings and all
I used to love my little fair
And at the close of everyday

I could be found, dancing around
A merry-go-round that used to play:

"Ah, mon amour
A toi toujours
Dans tes grands yeux
Rien que nous deux"

All summer long my little fair
Made everyday like a holiday
Night after night it used to play
People came there from so far away
And everyone sang that little tune
All around the town you heard it played

Even Pepi from Napoli
He sang to Marie this serenade

[qui inizia Hymne a l'amour]
If the sun should tumble from the sky
If the sea should suddenly run dry
If you love me, really love me
Let it happen darling, I won't care

Shall I catch a shooting star
Shall I bring it where you are
If you want me to, I will. (I hope I get this right)
You can set me any task
I'll do anything you ask
If you'll only love me still

When at last, our life on earth is through
I will spend eternity with you
If you love me, really love me

Let it happen darling, I won't care